Welcome to Soon to Beachier!

Our house.Hello and welcome to my renovation blog! “Soon to Beachier” is where I will document the renovation of our 100+ year-old Toronto Beach home. When my husband and I first purchased the well-maintained beauty back in May 2011, the only two rooms we thought to renovate immediately were the somewhat dated kitchen and the tiny main bathroom. The rest of the house, while not particularly to our taste (Laura Ashlety floral wallpaper, beige broadloom, pizzaria-style pendant lighting), was very comfortable–and certainly liveable. But a funny thing happened as we began to plan our project a little more seriously… it turned out we couldn’t get the kitchen we had hoped for without moving a staircase, nor the bathroom we envisioned without knocking down at least one wall and moving a window, and, well, before we knew it our  “makeover” project had morphed into a much larger home renovation.

Before planning this project, I knew next to nothing about home renovations. So in order to be as involved in the reno as I wanted, I needed to learn, and learn quickly about some of the elements that would require our informed attention, and there are plenty of them! I’ll be writing about these, along with our experience planning, executing and living through the joys and challenges of turning our house into a home, our way. So here we are! As of last week, the permits were submitted to the city and our contractor is confirmed to begin on June 15th. Its go time!


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