Let’s try this thing again…

The permits finally came though this week! I have been chomping at the bit to go to the house to check out the progress, but haven’t made it over because of existing after-work plans. I also figure the longer I wait to visit the house, the more work will be done for me to be pleasantly surprised by.

Its still hard to imagine that this Humpty Dumpty of a house will ever be put back together again. The foundation people had to rip up about a dozen mature bushes in the front of the house in order to dig, so even once the insides have been righted, there will be some pretty bleak-looking landscaping going on in the front of the house, actually, all around the house. And its a corner house so we can’t hide! From the digging alone I think I can safely surmise that the entire lawn will need to be replaced. Ugh, its gonna be ugly for a very long time.

I have taken to immersing myself once again in design elements as a way of maintaining optimism. Once we decided to go ahead once again with the construction work, we finally signed the papers for our new cabinetry from Aya. The Mount Pleasant showroom doesn’t have a lot to see, but the kitchen designer was a joy to work and extremely skilled to boot. She also worked hard to get us the best possible price, which both D and I appreciated. The picture below depicts a few elements that we have chosen for the kitchen. The main cabinets, a simple shaker style, will be white painted wood (oyster, to be exact) and the island will be painted a colour called anthracite, which I’d never heard of before. Its dark grey. I haven’t selected the pull or knob yet, but I was attracted by this handsome “Asbury” pull from RH. The pendant, or “Benson” is also an RH find. I am hoping to find a Benson lookalike because, well, RH isn’t cheap and I need two or three of those guys to hang above the island. The whitish square is the countertop colour and I believe its called “organic white.”

Kitchen components


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