Powder Room Inspiration

I am taking a break from the not-so-fun basement-digging and foundation replacement pictures to focus on inspiration this week. I grabbed all of these photos from houzz.com, a home design and remodelling website that has tens of thousands of photos to browse. I started out looking through magazines and doing a lot of cut and paste before I found houzz.com, and have since been using it as a way of keeping track of my ideas, and of communicating my tastes to the designer. Warning: if you are into this stuff, you could lose hours there.

I’m loving the wallpaper in the photo below, it satisfies my need for something blue in the powder room. And notice the nod to things nautical in that picture above the toilet?  The pedestal sink is simple and classic and clean-looking.

The photo above tempts me in a really bad way to paint all of the wainscotting in the house white, despite a joint decision between me and D to leave it be… I’m loving the pendant light and the shade / blinds combo. The powder room does have a window.

And aren’t we pretty? I almost didn’t notice the camouflaged electrical outlet to the left!

This one’s all 4.0 in her senior year *and* captain of the cheerleading squad *and* still finds twelve hours a week to volunteer-coach little league soccer. But seriously, this is one gorgeous basement bathroom. I don’t think any of these elements on their own would do it for me, but the metal-framed pedestal sink, the picture above the toilet and that fantastic tile all together is…wow!

What I know about the powder room so far is that the dimensions are best suited to a pedestal sink, that the floor tile is almost certainly going to be the variegated taupe, chocolate and light blue that is kind-of shown in the picture below (grabbed from the tile store website; much different in real life). I also know that if it turns out half as pretty as any of the pictures above, I’ll be really happy with it.



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