Playful Bathroom Ideas

I love blue in all shades, especially cobalt blue for a kitchen or bathroom. There was a time several months back when I was convinced about a cobalt blue backsplash like the one shown here:

After consultation with the Kate, who thought it was gorgeous (if bold)  I chose something a little more classic, more versatile – and it must be said – less likely to cause me regret a few years down the road if I get tired of it.
But isn’t it beautiful?

I knew I still wanted splashes of blue somewhere though so Kate found me this pretty glass cobalt accent tile to use in the family/main bathroom:

cobalt tilewhich will be paired with this classic white subway tile

white subway tileand probably two of these:

Since the master en-suite bath is going to be decked out more traditionally (greys and whites), I am relishing the idea of being playful with decor  in the main bath. Blue is obviously happening and I am going to try to convince Kate that one of these (or something like it) is happening also:
hawaii posterI am in love with vintage travel posters. The one above picks up the cobalt in the penny tile and also features one of my favorite places on Earth:  the exquisite islands of Hawaii. I made my first visit there last May after a particularly rough year and I am convinced the islands have healing properties – plus, they are totally easy on the eyes:
I am also fond of these prints which are a little more colourful than the Pan Am one above, and that might lend the bathroom to a wider selection of bath accessories, at least in terms of colour:

The beauty of these is that they definitely carry some of the
beach-y/oceanic/coastal vibe I am trying to create. Below is a trendier take on this. Its a graphic representation of the Cape Cod region and I think its really smart but I’ve seen it replicated a gagillion times with different locales.
capow-typographic-cape-cod-navyDoesn’t mean I love it any less, its just that when I see it I focus more on the graphic art aspect rather than what I want it to evoke (i.e. the coast). Decisions!


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