Where We’re At: Feb 25


One of the windows upstairs is moving! It was originally encased where the white bricks are below. As you can see, the new placement is just a bit to the left, but what a difference a couple of feet make– the “before” view out that window was of the neighbour’s second floor wall and roof, but the new placement will allow for a peek-a-boo view of the lake, probably best seen in the fall and winter when the leaves are off the trees. This wall is in the second bedroom.

Now that most of the framing is up, the design of the rooms is really starting to take shape. Its much easier to visualize how the rooms are going to look now that everything has moved from designs on paper to 3-D. Here is a view of the hallway to the east end of the house, which includes two bedrooms and a bathroom.


I have distinguished between the east and west ends of the house because they are logically separated on both the main and upper floors. On the main floor, the formal living and dining room occupy the space under the master bedroom suite (the west). And the more casual, family room / kitchen combo will be in the east end, along with the guest rooms and main bath.

Those two stairs below lead to the light-filled new hallway.  Yeay! Light!

All of that light was trapped in bedrooms that nobody used. But we (okay, the space planner) released the light by flipping the entire scheme of house to the opposite side. Previously the hallway dark and wide and uninspired. Now both the bedrooms and halls alike will have light.

Here’s another view of the magical new landing. I like it a lot.

Now that work is moving at a fast clip, I am looking forward to posting more often. Something new appears or disappears every few days, its great.


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