1000 visits + tiles!

1000 visits

Hello? Is anyone home? Anything going on in here?

Well, there is this: today I celebrate 1000 visits to this blog! Hooray! It’s a small milestone, but one worth celebrating nonetheless. It’s definitely more interesting than the complete lack of visual impact I am slugging through at the house because nothing looks different when we go to visit anymore. 

They just completed plumbing, with HVAC and electrical up next. I suspect nothing will look different for at least another three to four weeks. I am not really the poster person for patience, so I just wish they’d put the walls up already, even though I know that all this behind the walls stuff is really important. Last Saturday we met with F. and I asked him when we could expect to move back in. He tossed the question back to me: “When did you expect?” he asked.


“No, not May. Maybe the beginning of June. That would be optimistic.”

I don’t get it! As of mid-January we were supposed to be at the beginning of a 3-4 month project. Since when did 3-4 months become a moving target? Grumble grumble grumble. Good thing I have some actual research to do. Turns out we were up-sold a range hood that is way more powerful than we need, so we have to switch that, and we also need to find a company to do our glass railing. Oh, and the kitchen has a fairly significant design flaw. If walls were put up tomorrow, the refrigerator door would bang against the pantry, and we can’t have that.

Also, I’m changing my mind about the family bathroom. Heck, I am changing my mind about everything! All this time I have makes me second guess many of the decisions we have made to date. Pretty soon I think D. is going to put home renovation websites on some sort of lockdown on our computer at home. I suppose the problem with so much choice out there is that it leads to indecision. Here are some examples of me being indecisive about family bath tile. Bear with me as they distract from that 3-4 month moving target of an end date…

Yup, still loving blue.


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