Where We’re at: March 18th, 2013 / “Careless Whisper”

Well, it was a good dream while it lasted. We were quite hopeful that we’d be able to finish the basement as consolation for having to increase the scope of our project by, uh…a bazillion when we found out the entire foundation needed to be replaced. We dug it down pre-emptively to a grand height of 8+ feet for when/if we ever decided to do this, as there was considerable economy to doing it along with the foundation work but sadly we can’t manage the scope right now.

F. had already agreed as part of his initial quote to include a basement bathroom and laundry room, so I guess in the end it will be a partially-finished basement.


It will be like the World’s *best* sandbox. Or lair.
A sandbox lair. For clothes launderers.
That would be me.

Last Saturday was the first Saturday we didn’t visit the house since we started renovating  back in June 2012. I miss you, house-y! They finished plumbing, they finished HVAC, and they are on track to finish electrical by the end of the week. At this stage in the game, merely inches away from dry-walling or “closing up,” the ramp-up to completion has officially begun. This ramp-up, of course, is a 2+ months venture but it is where all the stuff that I “get” begins to happen, and where it becomes up to us (in part) to determine if all right angles are righted and all corners are cornered. It is at once exciting and terrifying. I think we can safely count on daily, or near-daily visits from this point on.

We selected the last of the appliances yesterday and sent the specs to the kitchen people who are going to finalize the design before it moves to production. And then there is no going back…


No turning back now sucker.

Oh no! Where is my sense of enthusiasm?? O.K. here it is– another snapshot of my favourite thing about the house right now– the upper hallway, this time bathed in the warm pre-Spring glow of dusk.


west towards the master suite.

And the other side:


Shout out to the hall-lovers, looking east.

And let’s not forget to worry about this massive, to-be-walled up area, the stairwell going down. I have *no* idea what to do with this space yet. I am thinking its pretty important to put something somewhere here because once its closed up, it won’t be as bright. But there will be a LOT of wall…


Inspiration NOW!

Perhaps I could use this pretty refuse somewhere as art??


“Somebody save me!” said the
century-old pieces of carpentry.

I hereby name dust colour “careless whisper.”  *

*What? They are never gonna dance again either!


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