Owning the dark hallway

Our front entryway / hallway is going to be dark. I suspect that when the house was originally built the back window (the one that now faces our neighbour’s brick wall) was actually unobstructed. To the right and to the left there will be light but there is not a lot we can do to get light into that hallway.

The previous owners replaced the front door with a solid black steel one. It’s nice and it doesn’t look very old, but I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t choose something that would add a little light to this area. But since we are not planning to replace the door, and there is no other natural light in the hallway, I have been thinking about maybe just loving it for what it is – a dark hallway, and perhaps playing up ¬†this feature deliberately by choosing deeper, moodier colours. I like the look of this navy hallway except that we’ve decided not to paint the wood wainscotting, like they’ve done here:

Here is another example of a nice dark paint in the hall, but again, I wonder what it looks like with the unpainted trim.

Maybe something like this? I think I could do this. Its amazing what a little white paint on a brick fireplace can do to add some visual interest. It would go with our white Ektorp, for sure!

I guess this is a good example of dark. No wood trim, but with all those browns, close enough.

Question: if I were to paint the hallway dark blue, would I have to extend this all the way up the stairs? Because if I did, it would look almost identical to this on the second floor:


Here’s a refresher:IMG_0835


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