We learned that our neighbours are upset about the state of our front and side yards, and I hardly blame them. They are riddled with debris and refuse from the basement due to the foundation work, and we can’t hide it very well because we live on a corner lot. I am embarrassed about this; its a true eyesore, and I haven’t had to look at it everyday. The last thing we want to do is to disturb the neighbours.  A lot of the debris was actually frozen into the earth from winter, so there was not much to be done about this but now that the thaw has come, clean-up really can’t wait.

We felt the need to apologize to our neighbours and so we wrote this letter and will deliver it tonight.

Dear Neighbor,

It’s [us] from [our address] (aka the construction site on the SE corner of [this street] and [that street]).  First of all, we wanted to thank you for your patience while we’re in the midst of this long and protracted renovation.  As we mentioned to those of you we have spoken with in the past several months, we ran into two massive structural issues that derailed our original, smaller-scope plans. The worst of these involved a city-issued work order that compelled us to replace the entire foundation of the house unexpectedly, as it was literally crumbling from within. You may recall that the house sat dormant for many months. Much of the delay was attributable to revisiting the structural engineering plan and obtaining various permits from the city and trying to work with our insurance company. This took time.

We are aware that the work site has been less than tidy and that the disposal bin and our front and side yards have been an eyesore, as well as an invitation for illegal dumping and random bin “treasure hunting.”  We have had a discussion with our contractor with respect to these issues, and have requested that the work site be tidied up and that the bin be removed when it is full (and tarped when it is not full and not in use).

Our projected return to the house is June, at which point we will be making full effort to fix our landscaping and ensure our home returns to its previously well kept state.

With regard to bin removal – it is schedule to be removed Tuesday, April 8th.  To facilitate this, (to the extent possible) it would be helpful if the street parking is cleared across from our garage, as we have had issues in the past with having enough space to remove the bin.

These have been some difficult times for us and we truly appreciate your patience during them. I would like to invite you to reach out to us in the event that you have any concerns regarding the work, or if something is bothering you how the work is being done.  We can be reached at _____ at any time.

We look forward to moving back home shortly and reintroducing ourselves to everyone on the street.  Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks and kind regards,


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