This is a post about progress.

The drywall is going up pretty swiftly!


upstairs hallway looking west.

Sun tunnels are being put into place! This is the bathroom looking south towards the top of the tub…and the new light tunnel! The green drywall is built especially for bathrooms, probably something to do with moisture.


family bath

And check this out– another green room, the new ensuite!



I am not sure if I posted a picture of the eastern wall of the house before. The white brick is where the old window used to be, in the powder room that was just off of the kitchen.


east wall of house from patio

But there is no powder room there anymore, its all kitchen. Here is the new centered kitchen window. The man who is doing the brick work also did our foundation. It may be hard to discern from the picture, but the craftsmanship is impeccable. And look where the “old” window used to be…you’d never know!


beautiful new window!


kitchen, family room view.

This is what the window looks like from inside the kitchen. So much light! And closer up…


As you can see, dry-walling has not yet begun on the main floor. There is still a lot of work to be done here, like building a new staircase and framing and insulating the kitchen and family room before drywall goes in.


kitchen and family room

Apparently the next stage is taping and plastering the drywall upstairs. Everything looks so different now. Its hard to believe that window was in the bathroom before!

Hey Y'all, I'm just one view of the guest bedroom!

guest bedroom


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