Taking Shape

Closets have walls


fashion me!

Hallways have walls


trust me, its a different picture.

Bathrooms have tubs


just a little on the tubby side.

And the ensuite is being prepped for jets and other shower hardware.


but the green has to go.

The faster that work is getting done, the more I am wondering if it will end up being me and D.- and not our contractor and his crew  – who end up holding things up (sshhh). We ordered the kitchen only two weeks ago, and I forgot to order the appliances this week. Also, despite having sat on decisions like this for nearly a year, we still don’t know exactly what our vanities for the ensuite and the family bathroom will be.

I blame the plethora of choices available! And also (I guess) the fact that D and I are compulsive researchers. Its not enough for something to look good, it has to function well and rate highly on consumer indices. And if we read just one bad review….trouble! We hem and haw about our decision and invariably end up dead-locked, paralysed.

But you know what normal people would do? They’d probably just buy the sandwich and eat it. Anyhow, here is a picture of the bathroom in our previous home:

old house bath

previous home’s bathroom

I found the storage tower and of the storage in general in this vanity to be tremendously practical. We used to use one part of the tower for towels and the other two shelves for keeping what D. calls my “collection.” Most female readers (and perhaps some men) will know exactly what the “collection” includes. Mine is sizeable, and will not be parted with or pared down.


“Yes, I need all of these things for all of the years!”

So yeah, storage is essential in whichever vanity ends up in this space. I will be perfectly happy with some sort of modified version of the old vanity (which is currently the working plan) but we still have to choose a door front and a countertop. That’s just one decision. There is also: paint colours (this one is making me slightly anxious), light fixtures, door hardware, carpet type & colour for the bedrooms (narrowed down slightly today at Lowe’s), wood stain for the floors downstairs, tile for the entryway, and I think at least a half a dozen others.
Its good that everything is all busy-busy, it just means we have to be decisive from here until the finish…





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