Closing Up (with drywall)

We arrived at the house to meet Kate at around seven in order to make some finalish commitments to tile and other finishes for the upstairs bathrooms. It was still light out, so I got a few progress shots of the family room and kitchen before sunset.IMG_0969


family room

There were still three people working in the house at this time of evening. I asked Andy about it and he said the tapers and plasterers were coming tomorrow, so they had to finish up as much drywall as possible.


east wall from inside the kitchen


pantry (left) and family room looking west
from the kitchen

We were meeting primarily to hammer out final decisions for tiles in the upstairs bathrooms. Last time we tried to do this were thwarted by a lack of electricity (so no light) and a really dismal sky so it was too difficult to make out precise colors. It got dark pretty quickly after 7:15 or so, but we had already made most of these choices for the ensuite bathroom:


en-swweeeet finishes!

The he left-most tile is a marble mosaic called “North Star” that will go on the shower floor only, the tile below it will be on the floor except that the shape will be elongated and arranged in a herringbone pattern. I prefer this over large tile, which can get slippery when wet. The wooden plank is the door front for the vanity, and the white variegated tile beneath that is for the shower walls. Those are Kate’s feet and shoes (of course they are, they look very designer-y).

I mentioned before that the shower gets no natural light but that’s not entirely true. There are no windows but it gets a good amount of sun, especially in the evening, from the bedroom which has both western and northern exposure.

It isn’t a full post without a gratuitous pic of the new hallway, is it?


my bestie, the hallway, looking east from the master bedroom

While we were upstairs, we discussed some eleventh-hour changes that D. and I made to the upstairs main bath. Originally, we were going to use more playful finishes and colours, but once we saw the space take shape we decided we wanted to so do something slightly more sophisticated. I think we can still make it fun with the details. The biggest change will be the floor tile, which has been narrowed down to one of these:



Here is the upper tile in action on a bathroom wall:

grey wall tile for the bathThat’s a Sarah Richardson-designed space. It is beautiful!

Paint was up next, for the entire house! Frank wants to know paint colours now because once they are done plastering, they paint the walls. Who knew? I honestly thought this was the absolute last step. I mean, they still haven’t done floors yet, but I suppose it makes sense this way. Better to drip on the sub-floor than onto newly stained hardwood, right? We have our marching orders from Kate – we have to sample several colours on the walls this weekend, making sure to visit them at different times of day to see how they change with the light. D. ‘s golf crew pick up this weekend for the first time this season. Hrmm…I sense a solo trip to Benjamin Moore and someone’s forfeiture of choice! 😉

By the time we wrapped up our design meeting upstairs, it was nearly 9:00 pm and the guys were still there! Clearly they were working on a deadline because LOOK at what they managed to complete while we were chatting away about tiles:

I saw the biggest smile erupt on D.’s face during this visit, it was the most inspiring expression I’ve seen from him on this dirt-pile of a construction site in almost a year. And he’s the optimistic one! But also? I could barely contain excitement either.


2 responses to “Closing Up (with drywall)

  1. I love the Marble mosaic “north star” its beautiful. And even though you are not asking the peanut gallery for a vote, I vote for the top tile picture for the flooring. Either way, though you cannot go wrong. Beautiful choices!!!

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