Paint Patrol

We have to have to have to choose paint fast. The taping and plastering only needs one more coat, then it will be time to prime and paint.


kitchen / family room


my bestie

D. and I are a little anxious because it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon that we had the opportunity to stop by our local Benjamin Moore to sample eleven(!) different paints. Frank wants our final choices by Tuesday night so that everything stays on track, so D. and I stayed up until the wee hours coating poster board on Saturday.


Benjamin Moore’s old navy and kensington blue.
Too dark for a dark hallway?


Clockwise from top: BM’s woodlawn blue, cloud cover, ocean air, edgecomb gray and bunny gray.

 I love all of these colours, but they looked quite different on both the posters and in the space.


Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Air and Edgecomb Grey

The bedroom paints have been chosen, but we are having a hard time deciding on colours for the common areas, like the front hallway (to go dark, or not to go dark?), the kitchen/family room and the upstairs hallway.


Half and half?

Its a good problem to have – choosing between these pretty aquatic hues above for the en-suite – both of them would do just fine, but which is the best? Is it you, athabaska? (sic)

IMG_1010or you, silver marlin?




Silver marlin:


Unrelated: they popped the sun tunnel in! Let there be natural light up in that main bathroom! Its not *as* much light as I’d hoped for, but its certainly better than no natural light at all. Tip: don’t stare up into the tunnel. I tried that today and it was really dumb because the tunnel is mirrored in order to reflect the greatest amount of light possible below.  It was really, really bright.


So bright, in fact, its making this bag of insulation look a little saintly.


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