Final Colour Picks

It was fun choosing paint colours, but not at all easy.  Kate helped guide our choices by giving us many great suggestions. The final colour pics are…

silver marlin

BM silver marlin

Benjamin Moore’s Silver Marlin is going in the ensuite, at 50% saturation.

silver marlin in action

heron blue

BM heron blue

I couldn’t find a picture of this colour in a bathroom, but it looks pretty dignified in this bedroom. This is one of the two colours I am unsure of, even though its too late to at this point to change my mind. Paint has been ordered. Blue heron was my final answer for the powder room.

heron blue in action

woodlawn blue

BM woodlawn blue

Woodlawn blue, you were too much colour for the kitchen and family room. We happened to have a sample of you kicking about the house and Kate thought you might look good in the guest bedroom instead.

woodlawn blue in action

cloud cover

BM cloud cover

Cloud cover is the top colour in this room.

Here is an inspiration shot of what I hope to create in the office one day using cloud cover. I already have the ikea shelving unit, so I’m practically done!

white office decor


edgecomb gray

BM edgecomb gray

What can I say about edgecomb grey? Its a chameleon of a colour, that’s for sure. I say this because it took on a very different look depending on the time of day and what room we sampled it in. The iteration below looks like a soft, creamy white/gray, but I’ve also seen photos in which it looked beige. I really don’t like beige. I’ll be disappointed if it turns out beige.

edgecomb gray inspiration

cement gray

BM cement gray

Cement grey took me by surprise when Kate suggested it. Our working plan was do do something dark and dramatic in the hall and entryway, but once the crew began to clear stuff out of that area and we saw just how much wall it occupied, we became less and less committed to the idea. Admittedly, it was a total cop-out.

Actually, the difficult thing about choosing a colour for the foyer was the dearth of inspiration shots of fresh, renovated rooms that contain unpainted wood and trim! No joke! It seems that these days everyone is painting their wood. The few stylish pics I found of wood in its natural state used beige or a chalky dark green on the walls, which nether D. nor I liked. As I have mentioned in other posts, we made the decision long ago to leave the wood be because it is in excellent condition and is truly beautiful. But if I am to believe the 99% of the magazine pictures of painted wood that I see, this is a wildly unpopular decision. So the challenge was to find a colour that matched the wood, matched the new tile, flowed well with the heron blue in the powder room and “suited” the house. The picture below does not show how it might contrast with unpainted wood, obviously, but it gives an idea of how it might look upstairs, where the new trim wil be painted white (but will look nothing like this gorgeous two-story atrium).

simply white

BM simply white

Its simply white, and it will be used wherever new trim is going in. Enough said.


One response to “Final Colour Picks

  1. Leslie Geiger

    Stunning color or colour choices! Love the heron blue!

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