Oh colour, you tricky beast!

We thought we had you all figured out but colour, you defy me! How is it that “edgecomb gray” reads beige in all this light?


I did a lot of research on this colour before committing to it: I studied hundreds of pictures, read all of the design posts I could find, painted a cardboard sample of it and mulled it over for a few days – even visiting it in different rooms and different lights, at last reckoning that there was absolutely enough natural light in this space to have it read a soft gray. I’m not thrilled with this at all. After all the time we spent choosing the perfect cabinets, back-splash, pendant lights and counter-tops I thought I had conceived a fairly accurate picture in my mind of what the kitchen was going to look like, and it was not beige.

Maybe I am being a little dramatic about what is (essentially) an easier fix, but I feel like all my years of poring over magazines to whittle down my ideal version of a kitchen to the components as chosen have been for naught. Well…there is  one wildcard factor yet to be played out  in here – the window on the east wall is at least another month away from being popped into place and right now its hidden behind drywall, so there may still be hope. PLUS Kate and D. love it. Hmm.

Colour was up everywhere except the master bedroom, which I’ll talk about in a minute.  Here is a shot of the guest bedroom in “woodlawn blue,” which I loved as soon as I laid eyes on it but its not blue, its more of a seafoam green. Tricky!


My camera phone is not doing ‘woodlawn’ any favours here, but its actually very pretty and welcoming. Perfect for the guest bedroom.

Here is a shot of the front entryway, the back and side walls painted with Benjamin Moore’s “cement gray.” Kate assures me this is a good match for the wood, which will remain as is. D. likes it also, and there is no doubt that it looks great in the upstairs hallway as well but I can’t “see it” yet, in part because the floor tile and window coverings aren’t in yet to show me.


And then there is this:


Is this crazy? Its the very BLUE powder room off of the front entranceway. Its crazy right? Again, this may be another instance of me not quite “getting it” yet.

Before demolition back in June of last year, my dad and D. kindly and carefully  removed the wainscotting on the north hall wall. At the time I didn’t know where we’d use it – in fact I’d kind-of forgotten about it, but lucky for us Frank hadn’t! He’s going to use it to extend across the wall outside of the powder room, and we’ll get stained trim to match for around the door. I can kind-of see that part but what about that crazy blue?

The last (for real this time) of the paint decisions happened yesterday.  Silver marlin got the boot in favour of athabaska in the ensuite bathroom, and sheer bliss was selected at long last for the main bath.  Choosing for the master bedroom was a bit of a gong show since its the only room that didn’t really change that much in the renovation. Since we’re unsure of what is going on in there after all is said and done, we went with this:


I mean this:
wickham gray


5 responses to “Oh colour, you tricky beast!

  1. I just love reading your blogs! You have such a great writing style. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Ack! I totally forgot to comment that Edgecomb Grey totally reads as Beige! i wish i had got around to commenting sooner 😦 i have edgecomb grey in my kitchen and its totally beige, and Revere Pewter (next to Edgecomb Grey on the paint swatch) in my living room and Revere Pewter is definitely a grey. Those two colours are probably the most popular colours (according to my mother who works for Benjamin Moore) so take comfort in the fact that you will at least be able to coordinate EVERYTHING within your space because Edgecomb Grey works with everything!

  3. Hi Sam,
    Do you get a lot of light in your kitchen? And if so, is it still beige? Ooooh so frustrating! I saw it up on houzz on dozens of walls, and it seemed to all depend on the light. I am going to check your blog for pictures of your kitchen now! 🙂

    • I do get a lot of light in there, especially in the afternoon. I just did a blog post about my kitchen actually (which is also my office). I have a lot of art on my walls so it’s not very noticeable but my bedroom has no art really and reads pretty beige. It’s a tricky colour!

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