Progress post, May 11, 2013

Tile arrived this week!


Mt. Tilestone

Here’s hoping we made good choices!


sunflower marble thassos for the main bathroom floor.


white marble hexagon for the ensuite floor

Seems this was the week of the kitchen staircase. Building the new set of stairs is a lot of work! In the meantime, we have two gaping holes to contend with.


brand spanking new!

Looks better than the old stair case, which now leads down to about two feet above ground.


out with the old

The old staircase had been painted many times.


At least five coats of paint and a bunch of sand.

Here is a shot of the new staircase from the bottom platform. There are very few windows in the basement right now, but the light from above helps brighten up the area near the stairs.


Superfun landing.

And moving up, all the way upstairs to the second floor – check out this cute closet in the guest bedroom! There wasn’t a logical place in this room for a “real” closet in here, since its oddly-shaped so Frank suggested a little cubby instead. Just a little place to put away messes.


or maybe I was meant to be a built-in bookshelf?

I am very eager to get this window in, or maybe just to punch that cardboard out. I can’t wait to see the quality of the light that comes into this room!


The shower shelf was constructed this week also. Its not very deep at all, I hope it can hold shampoo bottles! There will be two compartments separated by glass or tile in the middle.


Moving back downstairs, sheathing has been laid for the front entryway / hallway. The plan was to lay white tile here, but we made a last minute decision today to lay hardwood instead. How dark will it be? Maybe dark, but it will help unify the space.


hallway looking east towards the powder room


voted off this weekend.


The tile is pretty and goes well with the grey on the walls. I am sure Kate had good design reasons for choosing it, but in the end hardwood makes more sense to us. Its warmer, for one thing, and it will help us achieve some unity on the main floor. If the darkness is a concern, we can always brighten up the floor with a light runner. D. even agreed that if we think it looks to dark when all the work is done, we can paint the woodwork white. I thought that was a fair compromise.  There’s going to be a lot of wood.


Hey I just hang here, and this is crazy. I’m really heavy. So paint me maybe.

I just hope the grey still makes sense on the walls.

What have we here? Oh, its D. standing dangerously close to one of the gaping holes! That’s the new stair opening with a glass rail. It didn’t occur to me until today that glass is going to be tricky for me. I mean, if I can see down and thorough it, will it always evoke those debilitating fear-of-heights feelings? I sure hope not. It will be “cut” by four wood posts, so maybe that will help.


kitchen from the family room.

I am pretty excited about this. Its the new kitchen pantry and I’m certain it will be awesome. D. and I like to buy in bulk, so this is a bit of a dream come true for us. Yup,  a couple of trips to Costso will dress ‘er up real nice! Right now it looks like the holding area for the stringers and risers and treads and such.


Up next…tile work, stairs and hardwood floors!


3 responses to “Progress post, May 11, 2013

  1. I love the tile for the main bathroom. I would kill for that somewhere in my house! Can’t wait to see it once it has been laid. Lovely choices!

  2. Hi Andrea! Love the tile choices…i am happy you went with the hexagon! that is one of my favourites and will look great FOREVER. Oh and your shower shelf totally looks deep enough for shampoo bottles etc but you can always get your installer to build a slightly deeper sill out of marble or whatever stone is matching your shower walls…i can explain better if you want. And good choice on the hardwood in the foyer! Are you doing hardwood in the rest of the space? Because if so i would just match the foyer hardwood to the rest of the main floor. Looking good!!!! Sam

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