Piece by piece

Its amazing what a little tile can do. Everything is brighter, lighter and looks more like the thing it is supposed to be, and not just like ambiguous construction caves.  Like this, for example – this is a bathroom. The main bathroom. 


subway tile, railroad pattern

Or this. This is the ensuite shower.  Seeing this shower in particular inchworm its way towards completion has me feeling hopeful and happy at the thought of one day using those body jets against the wall. I had almost forgotten about the body jets!


coming along!

There are still details to be worked on and  grout to be poured of course.


North Star marble mosaic

Doesn’t this new hallway look all old-timey? We asked the contractor to repurpose anything that was still in good shape. That’s the powder room door in the foyer, and the panelling was repurposed from the old hall.


hallway on main floor

This is what was there, (or not there) before:


hallway on main floor, destruction version.

Breaking NEWS: The staircase is in! The ‘CASE is IN!  I asked the guys if I could  finally(!) walk on it and they said yes, because it was wrapped (not shown) and so I did, cautiously, as the wood is still unfinished. I must have been descending really slowly, like I’d never walked on stairs before because one of the guys kept shouting: “Be brave! Walk bravely on those stairs!” It was a funny moment, and it felt pretty good. Everybody laughed. And laughed and laughed. “Geez, those stairs took a long time,” I was thinking to myself as I laughed with them.


and she’s buying a stairway…for the kitchen.

The posts for the rail are still being put into place. There will be two more posts: one on the corner and the other will be where the rail meets the wall. We’re not sure yet whether we will stain them the colour of the hardwood, or paint them white.


And speaking of decisions to make, here’s one:


the real question is which colour best camouflages Dexter’s fur?

We’re carpeting the upstairs hall and bedrooms the same colour so I need to choose something neutral, and preferably without yellow undertones. In leading place are the colours in the first row, fourth and fifth ones down. “Crushed shell” isn’t bad either, its second from the bottom on the first row.  Lighthouse seems the best neutral perhaps.


lighthouses are decidedly beachy.

Next up: more tile and grout.


what do you think?


2 responses to “Piece by piece

  1. Leslie Geiger

    Wow, your bathrooms are beautiful, especially the master! Just love that north star floor tile!! The door is perfect, and lovely! It is exciting to see all the finishings come together!

    • Thanks, Leslie. The designer chose the North Star mosaic back about a year and a half ago and I fell in love with it almost instantly. We didn’t have to think twice about that one. 🙂

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