Progress Post, Floors Edition

Floors went down this week! Its  a little difficult to tell because Frank has them mostly covered to protect them from the future traffic on the new stairs. Once materials and equipment are delivered to the basement and the kitchen cabinets go in (next week!), they will stain and finish the floors.


kitchen looking east from family room

I haven’t chosen a stain yet, but I am closely considering Minwax Dark walnut or Special walnut. Or maybe Provincial? I think Jacobean might be too dark. It looks great on the board but I’ve read that very dark floors are, paradoxically, hard to keep clean and Dexter sheds like crazy.


In the meantime, however, this part of the house is looking more and more like somewhere someone might one day live. A lot of the trim work has been done, but I notice some top and corner pieces have yet to be fastened.


looking north towards stairs in the kitchen.

See that door in the corner? I am really happy with this. Remember the old door?


barely functional!

Boooooo! That old door was made of very thin wood. I think it may have even been hollow! It didn’t close properly nor did it have a proper lock, and those panes were not actual panes, but rather  a sheet of plexiglass nailed to the inside. It was a very bad door. The new door is made of steel, contains real glass panes,  is energy efficient, and came to use at the low low sale price of $152! I suspect it will be one of the more appreciated upgrades to this pile of bricks to date. Score for fashion and function in the kitchen!

Upstairs in the ensuite we have this  pattern on pattern tile that is kind-of blowing my mind…


pattern-on-pattern crazy!

except I am not sure if I mean that in a good way. Of course I will hold back any (potential) regret for once tile is grouted, the shower glass has been installed, the vanity is in place and all the details have been affixed. Its just that right now it  looks a little confused to me – stay tuned.

The main bathroom, on the other hand, looks just as I imagined it would and I love it:


sunflower marble thassos. The jewel of this room!

The countdown is for real this time on: we’re moving back to the house (I am not ready to call it home yet – I don’t really feel I have ever lived here, as it is) on June 21st. There is a lot of work to do before then, and there will still be a few finishing details to be worked on after we take up residence.  But as long as we can take a shower and cook a meal, I think that will be a minor nuisance we are willing to put up with for a while in what has been a long awaited home (house?)-coming.


2 responses to “Progress Post, Floors Edition

  1. Leslie Geiger

    Love the pattern-on-pattern and the main bathroom is lovely…..June 21 will be here before you know it!

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