Special Delivery

A mountain of boxes. That’s our kitchen in there.


Mount Cabinet

The delivery people accidentally nicked our brand new post with an 80-pound cork board that, ironically, is supposed to be used to protect this area. Its a small nick, but it blemishes the brand new edge of the post, which is a structural element that is driven about two feet into the staircase, and is attached to the floor joists that were constructed to support it. What this means is that the post is not easily replaced without incurring more major renovations. My stomach sank when D. called to tell me this.


are you freaking kidding me?

Is it a big deal? I keep asking myself this, and I keep coming back to “yes” despite the fact that (a) I know it was an accident, and (b) if you weren’t really looking for it, you probably wouldn’t notice it. Is it a big deal? Not if I had nicked it, or D. had, or Dexter or one of our guests. In these cases, accidents happen – in fact, they are bound to. I keep coming back to “yes,” however, because I was looking forward to moving back into the house in such a condition as though it had just been wrapped in cellophane, as in, brand spanking new.

I am answering that “yes, it is a big deal” because the new kitchen isn’t supposed to come with a busted post! Its a big deal because I am tired of the never-ending string of setbacks, and because this whole shebang is taking up a little more than everything that I have right now. I am not going to post a picture of the damaged post because ultimately it doesn’t matter. Or at least it won’t matter one day.  Maybe even tomorrow it won’t matter anymore.

I took a look back through some of the old pictures that I took at the outset of the renovation to boost my spirits, and to remind myself of how far we’ve come with this silly thing. The pictures below were taken in June 2012. We had just moved out of the house, after never really unpacking from the previous move in September 2011. We planned this renovation before we even moved in, hiring a space planner to do up the preliminary design all the way back in May 2011. Yup, its been a long time dealing with this thing, but that’s all it is – a thing, right?  Sluggishly hunching its way towards completion.


east view from old kitchen


Just a dirty pile of old sand in the basement.


The crack in the ceiling we almost fell through


the tub that was causing the crack in the ceiling that we almost fell through.                But we didn’t. We didn’t fall through.


One response to “Special Delivery

  1. It’s a big deal in that you should definitely have it fixed (so long as the fix won’t cause more damage elsewhere). May as well fix it while the house is in disarray!

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