Kitchen Install, Day 1

Today is Day One of the kitchen install. It was also the single busiest day of the entire renovation that I’d witnessed. I counted five guys on site, including the kitchen installer. IMG_1288

This isn’t Extreme Home Makeover, this is real life. There is never a crew of twenty.

I’ll pause here to say that as far as I can tell, there is excellent progress on the kitchen and other things in the house like walls and painting.

But there were also problems. Oh, were there problems! Trim, upper cabinet lighting and a misplaced electrical outlet were all areas of concern that the kitchen installer raised when D. and I arrived on the scene. I was bewildered and angry. Thankfully (for us, not necessarily him)  Andy, one of our lead hands, was just arriving back to the house from a coffee break when the last of the problems was explained to us.  Bewildered and frustrated as I was, I spat out a string of invective (directed at nobody in particular) that I’m not even sure the Academy of Motion Pictures has a rating for. It was ugly.

In some way through all the pirate talk, I think I was pleading for someone else to fix the problems. The thing is, I don’t speak the language of construction and when I am asked/told about issues without the help of our contractor as the filter/translator, it is completely disorienting.  So yeah, I exploded. And thankfully Andy came through. He knew what they were asking, and he took care of the issues. Before he arrived, I thought we’d be moving back next June.


are you freaking kidding me, again?

I am hoping that Day Two is a little easier on us. We’re placing the island tomorrow afternoon at around 2pm,  which is a permanent structure in  the house once its been affixed. Here’s hoping for a little grace – and for a smooth remainder of the installation.


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