In Praise of Beaches Bath City in Toronto – Read On!

Those of you who follow this blog know that D. and I have had a tough go of things with this reno; it was just our particular reality with this particular project, and we’ve tried to deal with things the best we could. The months that really seemed to drag on were the inert ones – this was July 2012 to around January 2013 – when nothing much was going on in the house, and we were just waiting and thinking and dreaming about how to put old Humpty Dumpty back together. Shopping was an inevitable part of this process. It had to be done at some point.

Before the reno, I remember laughing in disbelief at one of Dave’s cousins who told us that there were multiple stores in Toronto where one could find, almost exclusively, faucets. **Record scratch** WHAT? As it happened, though, all sorts of stores like this that we would not otherwise find ourselves in became weekly haunts for us. Faucet hunting? That’d be me! Toilet shopping? Where do I sign up?! Pretty baths? Don’t mind if I do!

Sadly, our initial experiences at a few upscale Toronto bath supply retailers were trodden by a series of sales staff who, for whatever reason, simply would not help us.  By this I mean waiting in a showroom for half an hour or even up to an HOUR while associate after associate either ignored us totally or passed us off onto their colleague, or treated us rudely/without interest despite our spoken entreaties for assistance, and our articulate and well-reserached questions. I am looking at you sideways, Taps, but most of all, I am looking at you Gingers. Oh, Gingers! You sell beautiful things, but that is only a part of what you need to do. Is anyone doing customer service there? Bueller?  Bueller? Anyone?? Surely someone on your staff has seen the movie Pretty Woman? Perhaps you could dissect this scene at your next staff meeting:

As it turned out, we needn’t have gone so far nor have been treated so badly when a beacon of friendly, knowledgeable and expert bath and bath product service was within walking distance from our home. That shining beacon was (is) Beaches Bath City on Kingston Road in Toronto, and were it not for the fact that I vow to never renovate again, I would shop at this store on a weekly basis. How do I begin my praise to Beaches Bath City? For starters, even in the early days of preparation for this renovation, we would often stop into the store, coffees in hand, just to browse the selection of toilets, floor model vanities and faucets on the floor. During these visits we were always greeted with a smile and an offer of help by one of the friendly staff, (and sometimes even a big fluffy dog!) Month after month, as our renovation progressed, we started looking at products more seriously here (and especially after a particularly brutal encounter at Ginger’s). We were inspired by Bath City’s passionate staff and always felt welcome looking at pretty things, even on lazy Sundays when we would sometimes come in looking like bums who had just rolled out of bed because, well, we had.

Eventually we bought some big-ticket items here, like two full shower systems and an oversized bathtub, and later, three bathroom faucets, a pedestal sink, three toilets and a kitchen faucet.  We made all of these purchases with the guidance and support of the amazing staff here, and for this reason I wish to praise Beaches Bath City and their superlative customer service team!  Their amazing associates, (special shout out to Kelly and Julie), were incredible fonts of information: always gracious, energetic and enthusiastic, who would never hesitate to chime in with their objective (and sometimes much appreciated subjective) input regarding the product(s) we were interested in;  not that it would  matter much, as I suspect that BBC only stocks products that they stand behind, and know intimately well. Furthermore, many of their staff (as I have been told) are trained in interior design, architecture, installation and art.

Beaches Bath City provided us with advice and instruction on every product we purchased, made pick-up for our contractors a breeze, and always had a mind towards our design which fluctuated with the changing nature and timeline of our end product. The showroom is immaculate, the vibe is relaxed and I will recommend, without hesitation, this shop to anyone who is purchasing bath products in Toronto. Prices are competitive and they care about their customers and stand behind their products. Go to there, go to there before you head to the design district and you will not be disappointed! They also have at least one larger showroom in Vaughan,  in case you are the type that needs to see multiple products in person.

One of the many things that this renovation has reinforced in me is the value of the human component that is inherent (or at least should be) in any of our consumer transactions. Beaches Bath City is one store that “gets” it. Thank you, Beaches Bath City! We like you a lot!

A. & D.


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