T- Minus 3 Days

So we are moving in on Wednesday! Not everything will be done – sconces still need to be installed, as will pendants in the kitchen, several “soft” finishes like mirrors need to be affixed, and furniture for the family room has yet to be ordered.  But we just had to get back in, its been way too long. I figure as long as we can cook a meal and take a shower, we’re good to shuffle back.

How is it all going to come together, though?! D. and I are experiencing a mix of excitement and anxiety about this. The time is now 9:47 on Sunday night and there are a LOT of finishing touches still on the go, not the least of which is carpet for upstairs. No floors here


or here…


And here, no paint or fixtures:


I’m hoping for a secret team of elves right now.


2 responses to “T- Minus 3 Days

  1. I’m super jealous of your house. It is looking fantastic!! I would LOVE to do a full reno (well, I’d love for someone else to do the full reno for me) where every wall has just 2 coats of paint (instead of the 50 my walls have) and every piece of moulding has just 2 coats of paint (instead of the 100 like mine do). Every door frame would be just as I wanted it. Every tile just like I chose. mmmm…

    I know it comes with major headaches but lady – your place is a testament to why it is worth it!

    • Hi LBATR,

      Thanks for your comments! It has been a while since I posted last – I should get something up with all the “after” pictures. Its been really lumbering slowly towards completion with that last 5-7% of detail work that needs to be done. I guess in a way the whole new walls/blank slate thing was cool, I never considered the multiple coats of paint scenario that you mentioned…I guess if we didn’t move walls around we’d be painting over paint also. I do know that
      stripping wood is a painstakingly laborious process – my dad did this in my childhood home, and its precisely the reason D. won’t let me paint the wood wainscotting!

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