Monthly Archives: July 2013

Its been a while…

I feel like a bad blogger for not having posted for so long, so I’ll sweeten this post for my three loyal followers by showing a sneak preview of the kitchen, which is about 90% done at this point. But first: why I haven’t been blogging, which can be summed up in two words: moving tough.


This was the state of the living and dining room a couple of days after we moved in. All of our belongings were stuffed into these rooms when we began the renovation, so not only were we tasked with completing an *actual* move from one place to the next, we had to contend with this also, and its still very much a work in progress. Currently we are living upstairs and in the kitchen/family room, which is fine. And speaking of works in progress…

I didn’t know last month that “move-in ready” was contractor code for “we’ll be around for the next 3-4 months finishing up but you’ll be able to cook meals and shower.” Its not ideal, and I suppose I’m glad that they are not rushing when it comes to the finishing details, but its not a constant stream of work like it was before, unfortunately. Its more like a day here, a couple days there. You know? The basement work is scheduled to begin August 15th, before which I will post a whole new slew of “before” photos to show y’all. So yeah, my renovation blog continues. I’m hesitant to show more progress pictures of the rest of the place before things are completely done because they almost are at this point in many of the rooms, and I’d like to have a big dramatic reveal once this actually happens.

But here are a couple of teasers:


Kitchen looking south.


Kitchen looking east. New window where once there was none!                                       Also, Dexter in the background!



The glass rail.

I am still working on soft finishes and some furniture with Kate, so I’ll have an update on that stuff next time. Fabrics! So many fabrics!