Back to the Basement

But thankfully we’re far removed from this:


February 2013

This is what the basement looks like now. I need to decide on a paint colour, stat.


Top-to-bottom: Benjamin Moore’s Abalone, Balboa Mist and Coventry Gray.

My inclination is to go with Coventry Grey, but maybe at 50% saturation. We do have windows coming into the basement but they haven’t been popped in yet, so I can’r risk a chameleon colour, I need a sure thing, and something that won’t surprise me later with undertones I hadn’t anticipated. Both Coventry and Stonington greys are supposed to be the most “pure” greys (or so my online research tells me).

Thing is, I think I have renovation fatigue, and its hindering my ability to create a cohesive space, at least with regard to colour schemes, down there. So what if I did go with Coventry -its a warm but contemporary colour -could I also do a more traditional guest bedroom? I am loving the options for matching colours with Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow:


I did choose Ben Moore’s Chantilly Lace for the bathroom and laundry room. I can’t stop admiring this colour. I hope it works in my space as much as it does in these:




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