Hello and welcome to my renovation blog. “Soon to…beachier” is where I will document the renovation of my very old Toronto home. I’m not a contractor or a designer by profession, I’m just a homeowner with a lot of ideas and excitement about turning this old house into a home that is functional, comfortable, stylish and where feasible, green.

D and I were married in 2008. We live with our half Beagle, half Jack-Russel Terrier mix whose paws are kept in mind throughout this project! This is our second home, first renovation. Feel free to comment / e-mail questions. Just a note, I’m not DIY (DIM? Sorry!) so my knowledge of some specifics will be limited, but where possible I will grab information from the friendly and knowledgeable people wielding the actual tools.


Thank you for visiting.


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  1. I am going to use sunflower marble on my bathroom floor and one shower wall. I am wondering about the Gres Pocellanosa Marrazi tile you used. I looked on Marrazi’s website, but couldn’t locate it. Does it have another name? Was it expensive? Is it ceramic or porcelain or marble?

    • Hi Michele1,

      I’m not sure if you are referring to the main family bath or the ensuite bath for the Gres Pocellanosa Marrazi tile – I think you mean the shower walls in the ensuite bath? If so, it is porcelain, but it looks as good, I think – if not better – than actual marble and it won’t age like marble or require the same care. I don’t know the exact price, but I do recall splurging somewhat one tile – although the ceramic was definitely a mid-range choice. The sunflower was $$$$. You could get in contact with Kate at Kate Dickson design in Toronto who has all the specs for my reno materials. You won’t go wrong with wither of those choices!!

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