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The day before the floors

These are the last pics of the house I’ll be posting until the weekend because the hardwood guys are coming in to stain and finish the floors tomorrow morning, so it will be no hands (but theirs) on deck until that is complete. I think by Sunday we’ll be able to go and see them. And walk on them, too.

In the meantime… the vanities are in place, just waiting for their sinks and counters.


main bath vanity


ensuite vanity

Both vanity counters will be white, but I am having a tough time deciding on counter material for the main stretch of kitchen here:


The original plan was to use white on both the anthracite island and the wall of cabinetry, but both D. and Kate want me to consider using Caesarstone’s “Raven.”  on the white cabinets. I guess its nice. The issue that I am having with it is that its actually quite a bit lighter than the anthracite island (i.e. does not match) and it also seems to have blue undertones.  My final answer was supposed to be delivered tonight, but I think I will sleep on it. I have a good track record for making design decisions after a good night’s sleep.




Another Step Forward.

The good news is that I can finally see the ensuite bathroom come together. I was skeptical at first about the juxtaposition of all the patterned tiles, but its making more sense to me now.


Other good news is this – the trim work throughout the house – authentic reproductions of all the old-style trim looks so charming and dignified! The carpentry is truly beautiful. I am going to notice things like this everywhere I go now.


My vocabulary has grown a lot this past year: plinths, toe-kicks, routering, furring, edging, gables; it keeps me sane to think of all of the positives this renovation has brought, not the least of which is D. and my capability as a couple to persevere during extremely stressful times, like when for weeks at a time our basement looked like this and there seemed to be no end in sight.


This past week has been the busiest, most chore-laden, intensive back-and-forth across the city, important last-minute changes, mental energy-draining weeks since the whole thing started, if you can believe it. But its over now. Next week might be the same, but there is a good chance it will be better. Whatever happens, I know we can handle it together.

Stepping into the kitchen makes it all a little easier. This,  this  is the anthracite island (without its top on). How do you say…finally!