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A little more progress

The floors are all stained now. Just a couple of coats of polyurethane, a couple of days’ drying time and we have ourselves a kitchen floor! We won’t be able to walk on it until Saturday – or possibly Sunday – so we opened the side door to take these pictures:


The colour of the floors as shown above emphasizes their lightness (I wish they were just a touch darker), but its not necessarilty their “true” colour in the sense that by employing different lighting schemes we’ll actually have a good deal of control over how dark or light the floors appear. To be sure, we have yet to install: pendants, under-cabinet lighting, over-cabinet lighting, a pot light above the east counter, range lighting and two scones to the east wall. So in the end, I think we may have done Andy proud.  Part of the (lighting) song indeed will heard be in the beats (shadows) that are not played (illuminated) at any given moment.  

Below is more of a “in the shadows” picture.


Another Milestone! 
Yesterday I surpassed 2000 views to this blog! Thanks Mom!!
But also, today we selected the last of the hardware for the whole house! We went to Beaches Bath City – an amazing store that I really want to devote a whole post to at some point – and selected our kitchen faucet. D. liked this one the best, I liked it also but had others in mind. D. has been so accommodating on so many other design items so we compromised on this, his #1 choice, the Riobel “Edge.” I guess its only fair – I do most of the cooking, but he does most of the dishes. 😉